02.jpgProtein is essential for maintaining healthy, strong muscles. Bodybuilder or not, your muscles are the means by which you perform all physical activities — swimming, playing sports, dancing, walking the dog... Healthy muscles are the key to an overall healthy and happy lifestyle. 

You already know that muscle development and exercising is a cycle: exercising creates strong muscles, and stronger muscles allow for more exercise. The oft-misunderstood nutrient that keeps the cycle going 'round, however, is protein. Our bodies must continuously replenish its stores of amino acids, and exercise increases this need. This is why athletes generally require more protein than do nonathletes.

Until fairly recently, increased protein intake was a topic discussed almost exclusively among athletes. Now, however, we know that it is a matter of great importance to patients of bariatric surgery, who rely on a low-calorie diet of nutrient-dense foods. Our goal at is to provide both the knowledge and the nutrients needed to help patients recover from weight-loss surgery. We are dedicated not only to keeping our readers up-to-date with the latest in bariatric news and information, but also to keeping our customers healthy and on the road to recovery.

New Whey Liquid Protein is our answer to your post-bariatric protein requirements:

  • COMPLETE: Three separate kinds of complete proteins provide your healing body with all of its essential amino acids in a single serving.
  • CONDENSED: 42g of protein in just 3.8 oz. in a readily absorbable form gives you the nutrients you need, right away, without filling up on calories. 
  • CONVENIENT: No refrigeration needed. No messy mixing or blending, and no clean-up. On-the-go liquid formula is available whenever, wherever you need it.

Why is protein intake such a vital element of post-bariatric recovery? When losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, it is important to do so in a safe, healthy way.

Protein, to put it simply, "encourages" your body to lose weight from fat rather than from muscle mass. This helps to maintain a proper balance of hormones and enzymes within your body, contributing to a healthy metabolism and immune system while your body adjusts to its post-surgery transformation. Some types of protein are even known to curb hunger. Protein-rich foods often leave a person feeling "fuller" than if he or she had instead consumed calories from carbohydrates or fat. This can minimize feelings of hunger and lengthen the amount of time between meals or snacks.

Because our Liquid Protein is made from whey, it is absorbed rapidly by the body. It does not result in a "full" feeling, but instead is distributed throughout the body almost immediately, where it can quickly begin building new muscle.