01.jpg Protein is made of amino acids. You may recall your biology teacher referring to amino acids as "building blocks." This is because protein is found in virtually every part of your body, and is constantly being broken down and replenished, or "rebuilt."

There has been much speculation in recent years regarding protein intake, and many protein-based diet trends have subsequently gained popularity as a result. The success of such diets various from person to person, though experts acknowledge that protein is always an essential element in proper nutrition. New Whey Liquid Protein is an appropriate supplement for virtually anyone — from the busy professional to the professional athlete.

It is generally recommended that 10 - 35% of your daily calorie intake comes from protein. Studies have shown associations between protein deficiency and decreased growth, weakened immunity to disease, and loss of muscle mass. Many athletes and bodybuilders consume higher amounts of protein for healthy muscle growth and repair. Protein intake is especially important for those recovering from bariatric surgery. It is generally recommended that bariatric patients get nearly twice the amount of protein required by the average person. Eating protein-rich foods and consuming drinks such as New Whey Liquid Protein compensates for the low calorie diet and inevitable loss of muscle mass incurred after weight-loss surgery.

You may also be aware that there are different types of proteins (and amino acids), and that some are more important to our nutrition than others. There are 20 different types of amino acids, but our bodies do not create all of them naturally. Those that our bodies do not produce are called essential amino acids because it is essential that we consume foods that do contain them. Any protein that contains all of the essential amino acids is a complete, or high-quality protein. Others are known as incomplete proteins. Each 3.8 oz. serving of New Whey Liquid Nutrition contains three separate complete proteins.