• BARIATRIC PATIENTS patient-icon.png

    After having gastric bypass surgery, patients rely on a high-protein liquid diet to supply required nutrients. New Whey Liquid Protein fills that prescription perfectly, satisfying protein needs and preventing muscle loss.

    Each 3.8 oz., 180-calorie serving comes packed with 42g of complete protein in a readily absorbable form, ideal for patients following bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass and Lap-Band® surgery. Our unique formula helps the body heal and prevents muscle loss without filling up the stomach. And without adding a single gram of sugar or fat.

    Bariatric Patients

  • WEIGHT LOSS heart.png

    A protein-rich diet is prescribed after weight-loss surgery. Consuming increased amounts of protein will ensure that you preserve lean muscle mass, allowing you to lose large amounts of weight in a way that is safe for your health. Drinks such as New Whey Liquid Protein are a quick, no-hassle way to make sure you get the nutrients you need while recovering from bariatric surgery.

    Sport Enthusiasts

  • EVERYDAY NUTRITION dumbbells.png

    New Whey Liquid Protein DOES NOT contain cholesterol, fat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten or lactose. It is simply a pure, complete source of protein, packaged in an easy, on-the-go container. For maximum benefits, enjoy a serving of liquid protein at the beginning of any meal.

    Serious Athletes

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"I don’t know how I could have gotten my recommended protein without it. Thanks again for a great product!”
– Nina B
Philadelphia, PA
I've tried a few different protein "shots" with different brands and flavors. So far the Watermelon from New Whey is the best tasting I've had.
– Dan
Orlando, FL
You know you have to get your protein in both pre- and post-surgery. I find New Whey 42 gram protein tubes OK tasting...even tasty!
– Marsha
Anderson, SC
An easy way be sure I always get my nutrition in — especially on the run. Reasonably priced. Variety of flavors. Tubes carry easily in your purse or pocket to make sure you have your nutrition on time.
– Stephanie
Canton, OH
I tried this product for the first time today and I did not have high hopes for it tasting decent, but I was incredibly surprised. I tried the Acai Berry, and it was very good.
– Paul
Boone, NC
I'm not a body builder, but I'm trying to slim down. I use the whey 42g liquid protein, two a day. I have to lose a lot of weight and these shots make it possible.
– Paige
Elkhart, IN
If you are interested in high protein low carb supplements you owe it to yourself to try at least one of these.
– David
Glendale, CA
Small packaging that is indeed solid and tough. You could carry one in your back pocket for the guys and one would fit in those little bitty purses that the ladies carry too.
– William
Concord, NH